Adobe Lightroom 3 – Is It Any Good?

I had an email from a regular reader/contributor/buddy (that’s you, Alex) who wanted to know if TDM will be reviewing the latest version of Lightroom:

Reason for emailing, I was wondering if The Decisive Moment had caught up with the latest version of Adobe’s Lightroom?

Lightroom 2 has always been great for image workflow ~ managing large numbers of images, making exposure/tint adjustments, simple editing, printing, and uploading images, with links with Adobe Photoshop for more detailed work. Paul of Paul’s Studio had originally recommended it to me, and 10,000 images later it has proven its worth, at least to me! I was therefore keen to try out Lightroom 3, currently available as a beta, especially as it adds support for tethered shooting.

Previous ventures into tethered shooting had always been sooooo challenging – using Canon’s EOS Utility and Digital Photo Pro, remembering to start all the bits of software in the right sequence, hoping nothing went to sleep, never daring to unplug or switch off – often more of a distraction on a shoot! With Lightroom 3, just plugged in my EOS 7D in and it worked first time, every time. Being able to see full screen images (rather than occaisionally sharing the display on the back of the camera with the model) brings a new dimension to a live shoot!

Now I’ll be honest, I hadn’t planned to try it out – my wife won’t let me spend that much money on something that I already (kind of) have and I hate installing something, finding I like it and then getting locked out when the thing expires. However, Alex’s email has re-kindled my interest, so perhaps we’ll get a copy…

Anyone got anything to add or ask, feel free to put it in the comments or email direct.