Take Your Photography Further With the Pro Line Apollo 180 and Apollo 300 Creative Kit

Alpha Digital Services, one of the UK’s leading imaging distributors announces the release of the Pro Line Apollo 180 and Apollo 300 Creative Kit.

Apollo 180 Kit

The Pro Line Apollo 180 Kit is perfect for those who are new to photography. It provides all of the accessories you might need as you learn the secrets of studio flash. Based around the Pro Line X 180 Apollo, this kit enables you to take your photography to the next level.

The X 180 Apollo has a 180 w/s output with a variable power range from 1/8th to full. It is a solid metal construction with soft rubberised coating ensuring comfortable handling and a quality finish. The low 6V trigger voltage makes it safe to use with any camera, and the Roller Equipment bag included offers secure storage and portability for your equipment with separate channels for stands and umbrellas.

Included in the Kit

  • Two X-180 Apollo
  • Two Light Stand
  • One 50cm x 70cm Softbox
  • One 105cm white umbrella
  • One equipment bag – Medium

Product Specifications

  • Output: 319 w/s
  • Guide Number: 48 GN
  • Recharge Time: 3.6 sec
  • Colour Temp: 5500 k
  • Power Control: Full to 1/8 fully variable
  • Modelling Lamp: 50W
  • Flash Duration: 1/1000 sec
  • Triggering Methods: Photo Cell/Sync Cable
  • Sync Voltage: DC 6V

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Westcott Announces New Collapsible Umbrellas

Perfect For Travel and On-Location Shoots!

43 inch Umbrellas That Fold Down to Just 14.5 inches!

UK, September 22nd 2010 – JP Distribution, the exclusive UK distributor for Westcott – one of the world leaders in professional photography and video lighting equipment – has announced the new range of Collapsible Umbrellas from Westcott.

Umbrellas allow for a quick and easy set-up. With the Westcott Collapsible Umbrella range, set-up is easier than ever! The 43″ umbrellas fold down to just 14.5″ enabling them to fit easily into any bag or backpack, meaning they are perfect for on location shoots.

Available in three different styles – optical white satin, soft silver and optical white satin with a removable black cover, this umbrella range can be used as shoot through diffusers, or to bounce a light source.

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Lastolite Announces New Ezybox Speed-Lite

September 6th, 2010, Lastolite Limited, the worlds leading manufacturer of backgrounds and lighting control systems for the photo, video and cinema industry, has announced the launch of the new Ezybox Speed-Lite.

The new Ezybox Speed-Lite is a 22cm x 22cm mini softbox which attaches directly onto a flashgun whether it’s on or off the camera. The softbox folds in the same way as our other highly successful Ezybox softboxes making it an ultra portable solution for busy photographers. The Ezybox Speed-Lite also features an inner and outer diffusion layer (both removable) which delivers an unrivalled softness of light from such a small softbox.

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Why Bowens Has Thrown New Light on an Old Classic (Press Release)

Bowens has relaunched an old favourite for UK photographers.

Fans of the world-acclaimed Gemini lighting system can now buy a brand new Bowens Classic 500C monolight from just £355 (incl VAT).

Explained Robert Cook, marketing director: “We completely redesigned the Gemini range eighteen months ago with a mission to simplify photographers’ workflow both in studio and on location.

We added new features like remote control, built-in radio triggering, digital display and precise ‘tenth of a stop’ accuracy on new twin-dial controls. And sales rocketed. But our recent recession surveys revealed that customers wanted an additional ‘back to basics’ option that would still offer renowned Bowens reliability and accuracy but without the full complement of extras found on the Professional Gemini ‘R’ units.

He added: “The result is our new Bowens Gemini Classic. This revamped monolight boasts a new black-painted, sturdy metal case, the Bowens ‘S’-type reflector mount, user replaceable flash tube, 250W modelling bulb, switchable slave cell and complete compatibility with our award-winning Travelpak battery system.

User-variable modelling controls are retained and we’ve added the unique-to-Bowens radio trigger module, allowing the new Gemini Classic to easily integrate with photographers’ choice of either Bowens Pulsar or PocketWizard radio trigger systems.”

“This new tier in the Gemini monolight family means that from beginner to professional, we’ve got all our customers’ needs covered. The 500C is available now and will sell at £355 – but a follow-up Gemini Classic 250C model will be our most cost-efficient option. The price point of this unit has yet to be released.”

The Gemini Classic, available in 250Ws or 500Ws models, is positioned between entry-level Gemini 200 and 400 units and the feature-rich Gemini ‘R’ and Pro models.

The new range is available as individual units or as part of Bowens’ ‘super value’ two and three head kits, including umbrellas, softbox, stands, reflectors and case.

The Gemini Classic 500C will sell at £355; the Gemini Classic 500C 2-Head kit at £780 and the Gemini Classic 500C 2-Head Travelpak kit at £1090. (All prices include VAT)

Bowens online at www.bowens.co.uk

How to Pick Up Expert Lighting Technique Tutorials Free of Charge (Bowens Press Release)

Bowens, the award-winning professional lighting company, has launched an exclusive programme of online video tutorials that can be accessed completely free of charge on its website.

The new “bite size” videos reveal lighting techniques favoured by leading photographers Christian Hough and Chris Reeve and will build into a comprehensive “lesson bank” for photographers over coming months.

Robert Cook, Bowens marketing director explained: “We believe that once our customers have invested in Bowens lighting equipment they shouldn’t have to pay again to learn how to use it.

Each video is five minutes long and will feature all new, completely original content. The brief to our expert photographers is to produce compelling and entertaining material – rather than just having someone explaining unit controls.

He added: “This idea is a natural progression of our supremely popular Litebook magazine which is available both online and in a printed version. Now visitors to our site can read the magazine online and/or simply click to watch a selection of these fast-paced videos.

We aim to have five tutorials – based on earlier “Hough To” articles written by Christian, in Litebook – online by early March. That’s 25 minutes of free tutorials available before Focus at the NEC.

Christian Hough said: “Bowens are providing exceptional added value with this programme. We will be giving photographers some really cool ideas on how to add new dimensions to their shoots and all within five minute video snapshots.

Visit Bowens at www.bowens.co.uk

Lastolite Black and White Ezycare Knitted Curtains

Two new plain colours have been added to the Ezycare crease resistant range of background curtains.

The black or white curtains are available in two sizes 3m x 3.5m (10′ x 12′) and 3m x 7m (10′ x 24′) featuring a looped hem on the 3m edge to insert a pole for support.

Come visit us at Focus On Imaging on Stand B1 to see the new Lastolite range.

For more information please contact JP Distribution:
Tel: 01782 753300
Email: info@johnsons-photopia.co.uk

Ezycare Knitted Curtains Las Code JP Code SRP Inc VAT
White 3m x 3.5m (10’ x 12’) 7501 192305 £79.00
Black 3m x 3.5m (10’ x 12’) 7502 192306 £79.00
White 3m x 7m (10’ x 24’) 7601 192307 £140.00
Black 3m x 7m (10’ x 24’) 7602 192308 £140.00