Spudz Lens Cleaning Cloths; Update

chopper-flamesI have been carrying around and using Spudz Lens Cleaning Cloths now for almost two years. I have had the tiny ones, the huge ones (not sure they are actually called “Spudz“), the “grey card” one and now the bit-bigger-but-not-so-big-it’s-not-practical one (large – 10″ x 10″).

And I still absolutely love them! I don’t think I ever go anywhere without one, either in my pocket and mainly reserved for cleaning my specs, or clipped on the side of the camera bag. I use them for cleaning my monitors and even the TV once in a while (although you do the really big one for that!).

Most impressive of all, is that I am still carrying (and using every single day) the very first Spudz that came my way. It’s the “grey card” one (I mean it can be used to do the job of a grey card; obviously it is not actually made of card) and it has seen enough action now to be possibly (probably?) the best value for money item in my kit bag, of all time. It’s such a simple concept, but the grey cloth is so handy for tweaking the white balance and exposure without the need to carry anything extra. I couldn’t be without one now, especially after I lost it for a short time when I failed to put it back in it’s proper place after use; a mistake I won’t make again!

union-jack-flagThey’ve been through the washing machine a few times without incident (tucked safely inside a pillow case). They get treated quite roughly on a day-to-day basis, but they are still in excellent condition – in fact, I just checked out the most used Spudz in the collection to make sure I’m not getting carried away and I can report that it has nothing more than a barely noticeable discolouration in the corner seams of the outer case. This is pretty remarkable.

I expect I have said this before on TDM, but it’s really hard to believe that something this brilliant is this inexpensive.

In terms of simple, effective, value for money camera accessories, this has to be one of the best ever. Spudz even rival Lastolite folding reflectors for these criteria, and that’s some achievement.

It’s a hard call to make, whether the 10″ square one is better than the 8″ square one. This is probably going to be down to your specific preferences. The 10″ square version feels like the “deluxe” model, with just that little bit more for your money.

If you go to the JP Distribution website you can find out about the whole range and where you can purchase them from.

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