Memory Card Issues

I have been using Sandisk Extreme III CF cards for some while now, without any issues to report. However, this weekend I had to do a very important shoot – my first as a full time professional. I got through five cards, all 4Gb, one of them I have had for ages, four of them were brand new at this event.

After transferring the images to my computer, several files from more than one card are showing as corrupt. I have never had this before. I’m using a Canon 50D which is less than a year old, I have tried transferring the files by connecting the camera and by putting the card in a reader – both get the same result.

However, if I open the image straight from the card without importing it first, it appears to be okay.

Now I notice some pictures are missing altogether. Basically, I shot around 150 couples in a formal pose as they made their way into a dinner dance function. Whilst processing, I realized someone was missing; the event organizer, who is also my wife’s father! I knew I had photographed him right at the beginning, so I got out a copy of SanDisk’s RescuePro and ran it on the offending card. I found about eight images which were in the original transfer.

If it was one image, I could imagine having deleted it by mistake (not easy to do by accident, though). If it was a set of images from the very beginning of using the card, I could – at a real stretch – imagine that I had formatted the card without thinking (not that likely). But the missing images are a small group from within the middle of the card. I would have to have deleted eight images one after another and, apart from the sequence you go through to delete individual images, I just would not have had the time during the shoot.

I’m thinking there must be some kind of issue either with the card, the camera (firmware version) or a combination of the two. Does anyone have any thoughts on this, or had similar (or other!) experiences with other makes of card?

Camera: Canon EOS 50D firmware version 1.0.3
Card: SanDisk Extreme III 4Gb CF (brand new, unused)

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  1. I had this problem once. My thoughts are the card was technically ok however some fine dust may have got down in to the small holes where the camera pins enter. I only say this as building work was going on when I was changing cards and can’t think of another reason.

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