Julia Boggio Launches New Seminar Programme with a Difference

Why Boggio Means Business

Calling all ambitious photographers who fancy a short spell back at school.

Leading portrait and wedding photographer Julia Boggio and her film producer husband James Derbyshire, have launched their 2010 “High School for Photographers” prospectus – which they claim is like no other photo-seminar and workshop programme available in the UK.

“Every delegate leaves ‘High School’ with a unique and entirely bespoke business plan. No one else is offering that”, states James Derbyshire, MD at the Wimbledon-based Julia Boggio Studios.

He adds: “This programme is far more than just another set of training courses for photographers – it’s really a school for ambitious fledgling entrepreneurs. At Julia Boggio High we help photographers remove the stress of running a photography business, allowing them to focus fully on what they do best – capturing exceptional images. Additionally we limit the number of delegates on each course to a maximum of eight, and guarantee geographic exclusivity. No two photographers who compete in the same area will be part of the same seminar.”

Delegates at Julia Boggio High will comprise:

  • Enthusiastic amateurs looking to take the leap into owning their own business.
  • Excited start-ups who have had a business for a year or less and need strong guidance for the second year of operation.
  • Passionate photographers who have been running their own businesses for a number of years and are ready for the next step in the growth paradigm.

Dates for the Boggio High School Class of 2010:

The photographic entrepreneur (two day course)

April 12-13; June 7-8; August 16-17; October 11-12

Location: Julia Boggio Studios, Wimbledon

Cost: £550 (+VAT)

The ultimate sales and marketing workshop (two day course):

April 14-15; June 9-10; August 18-19; October 13-14.

Location: Julia Boggio Studios, Wimbledon:

Cost: £550 + VAT (includes lunch and teas/coffees)

Shooting Day with Julia Boggio

April 16; June 11; August 20; October 15

Location: Julia Boggio Studios, Wimbledon

Cost: £275 + VAT (includes lunch/teas/coffees)

Introduction to wedding photography:

May 10: September 20

Location: Julia Boggio Studios

Cost: £300 + VAT (includes, lunch, teas/coffees)

The business plan refresher (for JB High Alumni)

November 22:

Location: Julia Boggio Studios

Cost: £250 + VAT

Julia Boggio has become an international brand in just five years with her uniquely themed wedding shoots and compelling portraiture.

Says Boggio: “At JB High School we don’t just tell photographers what they need to know. We show them. Our only criterion for a successful application is that each photographer has to be very serious about their desire for success in this business.”

More information: www.juliaboggiophotography.com

2 Replies to “Julia Boggio Launches New Seminar Programme with a Difference”

  1. Isn’t it getting rather ridiculous? All these supposed experts looking for different revenue streams from naive punters? If they were that good, they wouldn’t need to diversify.

  2. Kris – I feel some empathy with you over the “supposed experts” comment. I see quite a few photographers claing to be experts and yet there work (in my opinion) is quite ordinary, or even total rubbish. To be honest, I don’t know Julia Boggio’s work well enough to speak about her specifically with any authority.

    However, these are difficult times and many of us (I mean people in general, not just photographers) are looking for different revenue streams and needing to diversify. It does not necessarily mean someone is/was no good at what they are/were doing.

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