Innovative ILFOVINYL 3D Photo System Creates the First 3D Photographic Displays

Perfect for point-of-sale and luxury products, the patented system facilitates unique, attractive 3D photographic displays

Marly, Switzerland, October 11th, 2010 – ILFORD, long recognised for combining quality and tradition with the latest imaging techniques, has just launched the ILFOVINYL 3D Photo System, creating the first 3D photographic displays.

Thanks to the cutting-edge ILFOSEAL 3D, combined with standard ILFOVINYL product processed through RA4 equipment, which is then vacuum formed, an innovative and unique high end photo quality point of sale display is possible for the first time.

Production houses wishing to create and offer outstanding platforms for their customers now have an alluring, new display option: ILFOVINYL 3D Photo System. With point-of-sale recognised as one of the strongest factors influencing customer decisions, retail displays are an essential investment. The new ILFOVINYL 3D Photo System, created in conjunction with Photoplast, the owner of the system patents, offers production houses a unique way to remain competitive, with vibrant 3D displays.

The smooth satin finish, the traditional photographic look, and the robustness of the premium quality ILFOVINYL makes it an attractive media for short term outdoor or long-term indoor displays. ILFOVINYL is a cost effective choice, allowing labs to utilise existing RA4, digital or analogue enlarger systems. Processed at paper speed, ILFOVINYL offers an efficient production route enabling labs to meet demanding timescales.

ILFOSEAL, is a breakthrough new coating developed exclusively for ILFOVINYL. When ILFOSEAL is applied to the media, moulding and forming is possible without any detriment to the image. The ILFOVINYL 3D Photo System is a four step process:

  • The first step in the ILFOVINYL 3D Photo System is to transform a 2D picture into a 3D image. Using commercially available software dedicated to this process, the image is quickly converted and ready for print.
  • The second step of the process is printing the 3D image. Thanks to the versatility of ILFOVINYL, printing is fast and straightforward using digital or analogue enlargers and standard RA4 processing equipment. The vinyl base shows off images beautifully, while the media conceals fingerprints and prevents tears or rips, making it easy to work with. Recognised as offering a broad colour gamut, ILFOVINYL images are both bold and breathtaking.
  • Once the image is printed, the unique ILFOSEAL is added. This exclusive coating differentiates the 3D Colour System from anything available on the market today. Easy to work with, ILFOSEAL is heated to bond the coating to the media using a standard hot laminator.
  • The final step in the ILFOVINYL 3D Photo System is to vacuum form the ILFOVINYL 3D image. Foam or resin moulds are used in this process, depending on the number of impressions called for. Deformations of up to four centimetres are easily possible. The photograph is aligned over the mould in the vacuum forming equipment, heated and deformed, creating the first 3D photographic display.

“We are always looking for cutting-edge retail solutions that attract and retain customer attention,” begins Tony Dennington, Managing Director of Colouration. “With the new ILFOVINYL 3D Photo System, we are able to combine superb print results with a brand new display technique, and that is something we are excited about. We have selected the ILFOVINYL 3D Photo System for the Davidoff retail displays as an outstanding way to showcase and build brand awareness for Champion. And we have already received enthusiastic customer feedback on our unique, customised approach.”

“Combining the high-end look and feel of ILFOVINYL with the new ILFOSEAL, the media is magically transformed into an entirely unique product, which can be moulded and formed into the first ever 3D photographic point of sale displays,” shares Jane Dixon, Head of Global Marketing, ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH. “Fashion, beauty and perfume brands will appreciate the high-end look and feel the ILFOVINYL gives, while ILFOSEAL creates an entirely new offering allowing these brands to stand out and attract customer attention.”

ILFOVINYL 3D Photo System samples will be available from October 2010.

About Photoplast

Photoplast, founded in 2003, is a U.K. based technology company specialising in the development of innovative products and applications for photographic materials. In particular it is currently supporting the launch of products using its patented process for mouldable colour photo materials for use in both advertising and commercial product design.

About Colouration

As a UK creative agency and manufacturer of point of sale material we are uniquely positioned in the marketplace to produce high impact displays that create stand out in store by combining various materials, finishes and printing methods.

Now in our 10th year of business and still expanding, in 2009 Colouration launched Flaunt Creative a division that specialises in bespoke and batch production POS with the use of 3D visualisation, product design and CAD. At the beginning of 2010 we added to our in-house services CNC machining/tool making, router flat bed cutting, vacuum forming, acrylic fabrication, laser cutting and direct to media print. Colouration’s existing print facilities include litho, digital, large format, photographic and direct to media all under one roof, which ensures colour consistency through mixed media and print. Our post-production services include finishing, fulfilment, delivery and installation.


Founded in 1879, ILFORD is a leading player in the development and manufacture of photo quality media and other consumables for both inkjet printing and colour photographic processes. The worldwide digital imaging and colour photographic businesses, which include the R&D and manufacturing operations in Switzerland, are owned by Paradigm Global Partners LLP.

The ILFORD name is well established in the history of imaging and today it continues to be associated with cutting edge technology thanks to its strong links to the photo imaging marketplace, and to its research and development, its technical know-how and its manufacturing capabilities.

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