How to Pick Up Expert Lighting Technique Tutorials Free of Charge (Bowens Press Release)

Bowens, the award-winning professional lighting company, has launched an exclusive programme of online video tutorials that can be accessed completely free of charge on its website.

The new “bite size” videos reveal lighting techniques favoured by leading photographers Christian Hough and Chris Reeve and will build into a comprehensive “lesson bank” for photographers over coming months.

Robert Cook, Bowens marketing director explained: “We believe that once our customers have invested in Bowens lighting equipment they shouldn’t have to pay again to learn how to use it.

Each video is five minutes long and will feature all new, completely original content. The brief to our expert photographers is to produce compelling and entertaining material – rather than just having someone explaining unit controls.

He added: “This idea is a natural progression of our supremely popular Litebook magazine which is available both online and in a printed version. Now visitors to our site can read the magazine online and/or simply click to watch a selection of these fast-paced videos.

We aim to have five tutorials – based on earlier “Hough To” articles written by Christian, in Litebook – online by early March. That’s 25 minutes of free tutorials available before Focus at the NEC.

Christian Hough said: “Bowens are providing exceptional added value with this programme. We will be giving photographers some really cool ideas on how to add new dimensions to their shoots and all within five minute video snapshots.

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6 Replies to “How to Pick Up Expert Lighting Technique Tutorials Free of Charge (Bowens Press Release)”

  1. I’m clicking through to the Bowen website, using the link you provided, but try as I might, I don’t find any tutorials there. What am I doing wrong?

  2. It took me a while to spot, but the press release does say towards the end that they aim to have them online by early March. I have now highlighted the appropriate bit.

  3. Amazingly well hidden, but they are there!

    To find the videos, use the link in the bottom right corner, “TV”.

    To make the challenge just that little bit harder, the site uses a toolbar that floats over the bottom of the page, which on my laptop neatly covers the link, so you may need to minimise this floating toolbar first – click on the double-“V” to the right on the toolbar.

    Still no joy?? The url is:

    There are (as at 13 Feb) four bite-size guides, as Bowens calls them, which give a very quick intro to various products – informative and not salesy, which is nice to see, but you can’t fit a lot into five minute clips!

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