HighKey Camera Straps – “A Wardrobe For Your Camera”

What The Duck Camera StrapTom Baker (for UK readers, no not our TV legend!) sent me a friendly little email,  asking me to take a look at a website recently launched by him and his friend, Andie Haugen, selling camera straps. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t all that excited at the time (no offence). Took a quick look, thought “yeah, that’s neat” and decided to come back when I had some spare time.

Then, I get an email from “What the Duck“, offering their new, personalized camera strap and I thought surely this must be related to the earlier email from Tom. I was right. None of this matters, particularly, other than it gives me the opportunity to say “I was right” and they don’t come along all that often.

Anyway, I have had a proper look at the site now and I really like what they are doing. The site is fairly simple (by which I mean not over-complicated) and friendly in its tone, which works for me. In their own words:

HighKey was founded in early 2009 by Tom Baker & Andie Haugen, two students from Brooks Institute of Photography who wanted more than the average, dull looking camera straps we, and millions of other photographers were wearing. We had an idea to create style, and ran with it, in hopes that everyone else was just as desperate as we were for cool camera straps.

Essentially, there are about twenty-something strap designs to choose from, or (and this is the best bit and probably the whole point!) you can design your own. Beyond that, there is not a lot to say (again, I mean this as a good thing).

Being slightly negative for a moment (sorry), I have one small grumble, which is that you have to use the shopping cart/checkout to work out whether your part of the world is delivered to and, perhaps more importantly, how much that will cost. I’m personally never too patient with stores that make me work a little too hard to find out whether I can give them my money!

If you are interested, the HighKey website URL is www.highkeycamera.com

A Decisive Moment camera strap? Hmmm…

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