Sailing From Rome to Venice With Photography’s Captain Jack

rome-venice-01So, I made this new friend, Jack. Only I haven’t known him long enough to have learned enough to really tell you much about him. He’s obsessed with photography, he’s into harnessing the Internet to drive business and he’s into photography for stock.

Oh, and he has arranged this amazing trip from Rome to Venice aboard a magnificent clipper, where the only things to do are take photographs or talk photography and he has kindly invited me along. When I say “invited me” I mean he has a number of places to fill and I could go if I could only get the PIN number to our savings account away from my wife.

I have to say I am really quite excited about this trip, even though I am only going to be reporting it from my exotic Basingstoke headquarters. I’m still dropping (not particularly subtle) hints in key locations about how great it would be to find a generous sponsor, but I’m not holding out too much hope.

Anyway, as I am not able to actually be aboard the clipper, Jack and I have agreed we should see if we can cover the adventure through The Decisive Moment and perhaps we (by “we” I mean “me” – Jack seems to know a shed load about it already!) can learn something about shooting for “micro stock” along the way.

We have not worked out the nuts and bolts of reporting the trip yet, but I do have some information about it for anyone who might be able to partake.

Sailing Dates: July 18-29, 2009

  • Embark in Rome on July 18
  • Disembark in Venice on July 29
  • Optional Pre and Post Shooting Opportunities (Rome and Venice)
  • Sailing onboard the largest in the Star Clippers fleet, the Royal Clipper.


  • July 18 (Sat): Civitavecchi
  • July 19 (Sun): Ponza, Italy
  • July 20 (Mon): Capri, Italy
  • July 21 (Tue): Taormina, Sicily
  • July 22 (Wed): At Sea
  • July 23 (Thu): Corfu, Greece
  • July 24 (Fri): Kotor, Montenegro
  • July 25 (Sat): Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • July 26 (Sun): Kurcola, Croatia
  • July 27 (Mon): Hvar, Croatia
  • July 28 (Tue): Rovinj, Croatia
  • July 29 (Wed): Venice, Italy

What Your Investment Includes:

  • Sailing Costs (July 18-29)
  • Eating Costs (while onboard ship)
  • Photographic Instruction for all 11 days

What Your Investment Does Not Include:

  • Round-trip international airfare
  • Transfers from airport to port & port to airport
  • Port Fee’s (per person)
  • Telephone service onboard
  • Onboard incidentals (such as laundry, massage, special excursions, Alcoholic beverages, water & soft drinks, internet service, etc)
  • Any pre and post trip excursions in Rome and/or Venice (on your own)
  • Single Cabin Supplement

The cost is around $4205.00 per person (you really need to check this with Jack – DO NOT take my word for it!)

rome-venice-02Your host will be none other than Jack Hollingsworth of as well as working pros with working knowledge of DSLR camera exposure, capture and post-production.

There will be private transportation at each port of call. The itinerary will allow for both group shooting, as well as solo shooting.

In 3 of the 11 ports of call Jack will be hiring 4-5 cultural models (for group shooting only). All released for stock photography.

This trip will officially launch Jack and the Bean Stock, a royalty-free, micro stock collection of travel imagery. Shot by all who choose to participate in this cruise shoot (as well as future shoots). All imagery will be edited and submitted, non-exclusively, to more than 10 different micro stock agencies. Here is your chance to earn back your investment.

This trip is not for the faint of heart. You will eat, breathe, sleep and live all things photography. Day and night. If that’s your thing… you’ll be in great company.

This information is not exhaustive – if you are at all interested you should get in touch with Jack without hesitation.

Contact Jack Hollingsworth:

studio: 512.320.0803 (that’s in the USA – you’ll need to work out the international version from where you are)

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  1. Every time I read about this trip I get more jealous. I already have my summer planned around a different trip. Sounds like this is going to be one great trip with a super group of people.

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