Spicer Hallfield Calls In The Administrators

Spicer Hallfield, the Haddenham, Bucks-based presentation solutions company has appointed administrators to find a purchaser for the business.

The business’s owner, entrepreneur Mike Smith, said in a statement today (2nd April 2009):

“The worldwide banking crisis has created critical financial challenges for the company. The board has been involved in ongoing and intense discussions with the company’s bank, RBS, to obtain funding to secure the company’s future.

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Press Release: TFC Glamour/Figure Course for 2009

The annual TFC Glamour/Figure course for 2009 is now starting to fill.

This popular course run by Chris Burfoot of TFC Courses for 2009 will be held on June 13/14th in deepest darkest Dorset at Studio Décor’s HQ near Beaminster.

As well as a fully equipped new studio the venue offers 60 acres of grounds! Sets will include (weather permitting) Meadow grass, woods, tree stumps with amazing views, an orchard, log cabin, a beach scene, old barn plus a brand new studio!

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Press Release: Lastolite Launch New, Improved Camera Bracket

JP Distribution is pleased to announce the latest accessory for all your photographic needs from award winning manufacturer Lastolite.

The new Lastolite 2408 camera bracket allows the camera to be flipped between vertical and horizontal while retaining the flash position. The handle is extendable and has the option of hotshoe or spigot fixing.

The 2408 is the ideal partner for the Ezybox Hotshoe and the new range of Off Camera Cords.

Price & Availability:
The Lastolite 2408 camera bracket ( JP Code: 192142 ) is available at SRP £59.99 inc VAT

“Open Shutter” Photography Competition from the Photographers Lounge

Last week was half-term and on Friday I decided to take my boys to one of our favourite places – Swanage, on the Dorset coast. When we were last down there I found myself drawn to a place I had not seen before (it turned out this was because it wasnâ??t there before, not because I just hadnâ??t noticed) called the â??Photographers Loungeâ?. Although not the biggest of galleries I have visited, it was probably the most welcoming!

The exhibition at the time was of images by Richard Heeps, whose work I had seen published before. There is nothing quite like seeing the real thing to make you appreciate the quality and skill and, in my case at least, to inspire you to get out there and do some work yourself. Anyway, I purchased a couple of Richardâ??s books and asked Kate (the gallery owner) if she could hang on to them and get them signed for me. Richard had been due to be in the gallery the week I was in Swanage, but had had to postpone or I would have tried to blag an interview!

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News: Digital Camera Magazine Gets Hacked

I have been a subscriber to Digital Camera Magazine for some while and have been a regular, if not frequent, user of their online forum. This morning I received this email:

An administrator of Digital Camera Magazine Community has sent the following email to all users in the Everyone forum group.

Sent From: admin
Subject: Attention f*****s

Your retarded administrators don’t understand that repairing damage is meaningless unless you first fix the problem. This forum is now 4chan’s bitch, and we shall do with it as we please. Since your administrators are completely incompetent we have decided to ban them, as well as change their passwords; we’re sure you won’t mind. We went easy on you this first time, prepare for the worst.


Their server appears to be completely offline at the moment, but I don’t know whether this is the doing of the hacker or the DCM team. I’m very pleased to NOT be a member of their Web Department this morning!

Filming Sanctuary with the RED One

We recently published a post about the RED Digital Cinema Epic and Scarlet camera systems. Still fascinated by these fantastic looking cameras, we’ve been keeping an eye out for more information. Now, this is a bit of a departure from our normal photography discussion, but the good folks over at DVICE have put up a video of the RED One (movie camera system) being used to film Sci Fi’s hit show, Sanctuary.

You can take a look at it here.

I don’t know a lot about filming movies and tv, but this looks like it might be a bit special.