Spotlight on: Piotr Stryjewski

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I was doing a little research into our local photographers and I found myself looking at the website of Piotr Stryjewski. I’m guessing he is not a Basingstoke native, judging by his name and his website; “Stryjewski” is not a typical Hampshire surname. Not that it matters, of course! I’d like to find out a little more about where he is from, what his influences were and how he came to be living and working in exotic Basingstoke!

To be honest, I can’t say I am excited by all of his photos, but what I really do like is the way his fashion work seems to spill over into his wedding photography. It gives it an edge and, in my humble opinion, really makes it stand out. Wedding photographs can be quite boring for anyone outside of those directly involved, so creating images which are interesting in their own right is an achievement.

Some investigation is required.

Why Are Some People Still Using Film?

Film or Digital

That heading (“Why Are Some People Still Using Film?”) probably sounds a little confrontational and it was meant to. However, I am not actually trying to criticize anyone who is still using film, I’m just really interested in the reasoning behind the decision to go one way or the other. Not that it is necessarily down to reasoning, it could be emotional or perhaps financial.

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What Makes a Photographer “Professional”?


In the graphic design studio where I am found during normal working hours, the studio manager recently had a requirement for a photographer to take some specific shots for a project. A photographer was recommended and my colleague studied her website and all seemed well – she had her own local studio, decent gear and the evidence that she could take a great shot.

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“Darkness” iPhone App Tells You When The Sun Will Come Up

iPhone Darkness AppI have many times crawled out of bed early in the morning in an effort to be somewhere in time to take photos as the sun came up. This usually involved a certain amount of homework to establish exactly what time sunrise was going to be; leafing through newspapers, asking locals, occasionally even getting up early the day before!

That works fine when you are already in the place you are going to be taking the photos, but might not work not so well when you are preparing for a trip abroad or are planning a trip in the future.

Of course, now we have the Internet and there is not much going on in the world that I can’t find out from Mr Google, with a little bit of effort and judicious searching.

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How Many Megapixels Is Enough In My Camera?

I have been using my Canon 20D (8Mp) for about four years now and have taken a little over 10,000 pictures with it. Apart from the tiny LCD on the back and a nagging suspicion that the auto-focus could be a little faster and more accurate, I have been extremely happy with it. Like many other photographers (I assume!), I have watched with interest as cameras have developed (is that still considered a pun?!), especially with regard to the number of megapixels they have.

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