About The Decisive Moment

The Decisive Moment is that split second when everything comes together to create something that is more than the sum of its parts.

In photography it’s that moment when the viewfinder is brought to life by the perfect combination of composition, focus and light. The moment you’ve been waiting for when everything is just so. It’s at that moment that you can gently squeeze the shutter release button knowing that you have captured a great image. That’s the decisive moment.

This website is the result of such a moment. A moment where an odd series of events culminated to inspire us to create something that we felt was sorely lacking in our photography based lives. We won’t bend your ear (or should that be eye?) with the specifics of it here but this is roughly how things went.

At the beginning of each month a new batch of photography magazines would arrive through our letter boxes and almost without fail the next day the same conversation would ensue with the same gripes being voiced over and over again. Each of the publications were decent in their own way but after a while the articles started to repeat themselves or the topic matter became too watered down. The reviews seemed to lack real world testing and there always seemed to be a level of detachment between the authors and us, the readers.

What we really wanted was passionate discussion about topics that actually mattered to us as photographers. We wanted articles that inspired and sometimes taught us something. If possible we also wanted some way to open a line of dialogue with other photographers who feel as passionate about photography as we do.

After trawling through the magazines and registering on just about every website and forum we could find we gave up, disheartened that there didn’t seem to be anything like that out there. Then we stopped feeling sorry for ourselves and did something about it. Ergo, The Decisive Moment was born.

Articles, reviews and musings on this website are written with the aim of opening channels of communication between like-minded photographers. Ultimately we hope that this will become more than a repository of our collective writings and evolve into a place where each of our readers (you) can make comment, pose questions, discuss topics and even collaborate with each other as part of a community. We hope that in time the content of this site will be driven and inspired by your interaction with it.

We hope you like what you read and please feel free to comment on anything and everything. If you have a topic you think we should write about or a suggestion about the site or even a question you’d like to ask us please do.

We look forward to hearing from you.