Bob Carlos Clarke: Possibly My Ultimate Photographic Hero

"Adult Females Attack Without Provocation"
"Adult Females Attack Without Provocation"

Bob Carlos Clarke: Wall To Wall
8th May to 3rd July 2009

It’s a bit late in the day for me to be talking about this exhibition, I confess. I first learned of the existence of The Little Black Gallery, The Bob Carlos Clarke Foundation and this exhibition about two weeks ago, almost by accident. If I’m honest, I felt a little hurt and a little cheated that nobody had thought to tell me, what with me being Bob’s biggest fan. Then I sat down to write this article and realized the reality is that, in spite of my claim to be a huge, HUGE fan, I actually know very little about Bob Carlos Clarke.

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Wedding Photography Season: A Series

wedding-rings-01Wedding photography is something I have a great deal of interest in and a huge amount of respect for those who practice it well.

Part of the reason for this is that the very idea of it scares me. I see some of the results some photographers achieve and I wish I could do the same.

So I have been working on some ideas for a series of articles all centred around this time of year, with it being wedding season and, therefore, wedding photography season. Perhaps I can learn enough to finally overcome my demons and give it a go.

So far I have begun conversations with a couple of local photographers with a view to learning about their different approaches and styles, and I have also been trying to find a wedding photographer making use of the video capabilities of recent DSLRs (I’m hearing them called “VSLR” now).

This article is really a request to anyone out there who could make a contribution to this series. I really need to find someone using a video DSLR (as already mentioned). I would also be interested in any wedding photographers doing anything really unusual – that sounds all wrong, but I can’t think of a better way to put it. If you have anything you feel would be helpful, please add a comment to this article, email me via the contact form (sorry, had to remove my address as it was getting harvested!) or you can send a direct message through Twitter, if that is your thing.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes us.

Sailing From Rome to Venice With Photography’s Captain Jack

rome-venice-01So, I made this new friend, Jack. Only I haven’t known him long enough to have learned enough to really tell you much about him. He’s obsessed with photography, he’s into harnessing the Internet to drive business and he’s into photography for stock.

Oh, and he has arranged this amazing trip from Rome to Venice aboard a magnificent clipper, where the only things to do are take photographs or talk photography and he has kindly invited me along. When I say “invited me” I mean he has a number of places to fill and I could go if I could only get the PIN number to our savings account away from my wife.

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Press Release: ILFORD GALERIE Range Becomes More Dynamic

Ilford Gallerie

New and improved ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl and Gloss now available in sheets from 4 x 6 to A3+

Marly, Switzerland, 1st June, 2009 – ILFORD is pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved GALERIE Smooth Pearl and Smooth Gloss sheets. Created by the ILFORD research and development team to include a new optically controlled nanoporous layer and redesigned base, GALERIE Smooth Pearl and Gloss sheets set a benchmark standard in imaging performance.

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