Spotlight On: Suat Kaya

Copyright: Suat Kaya

This is a tricky one! I can’t tell you anything about this photographer, other than their name. I don’t know if they are male or female, what nationality, age – nothing!

What I can tell you is that this photographer has a real talent. The photographs have a deep, rich quality and they are beautifully and thoughtfully composed. Each image is a story which immediately absorbs you.

Stunning. Someone, please tell me more!

Spotlight on: Matt Stuart

â??Sohoâ? - Copyright Matt Stuart

Matt Stuart describes himself as a “street photographer”. He has a wonderful talent for spotting and capturing people inadvertently interacting with their surroundings. Some of his images are quite surreal, many are amusing and most are thought-provoking.

I personally like his black & white work the best. I don’t know if he works with film or digital, but his black & white images have that fabulous look of perfectly exposed film, expertly printed onto Ilford paper.

I’m going to have to find out more about this photographer. I thoroughly recommend a visit to Matt’s website, although you will need to have Flash installed first.

Composition – Is It Child’s Play?

Is Composition Childâ??s Play?

I got talking to my mate Jason the other day, about our kids and how they handle a digital camera. We both commented how, in spite of being only five years old, they have both surprised us by taking interesting photos with a simple point-and-shoot camera, seemingly without any real effort.

It occurred to me that it isn’t actually in spite of being only five, but precisely because they are only five that they are doing this. Nobody has taught them how to compose a picture; they simply look at the little screen on the back of the camera and when they like what they see, they fire the shutter. Okay, so I realize the picture above is not about to set the art world on fire. My point is not that our five-year-olds are brilliant photographers, but that they have a brilliant attitude towards photography.

Of course, my son has plenty to learn about the technicalities such as exposure and focus, but he can learn that when he is ready. For the moment at least, he can let the technology take care of all that while he concentrates on looking for things to photograph.

Sometimes I think we tend to over-analyse what we do. Be a kid – if it looks good to you, take a chance and take a shot. Maybe you will capture something better than you were expecting. Maybe you will expand your horizons a little. Who knows?

EOS Discovery Tour 2007

EOS Discovery 2007

The EOS Discovery Tour is a series of free seminars for European photographers. At the event youâ??ll get to meet other photographers, get advice from professionals and, best of all, try out Canonâ??s latest EOS kit.

The London event will be hosted by award winning London-based photographer Drew Gardner. Drew has travelled the world photographing fashion, group portraiture, celebrities and beautiful people on location. He teaches at a high profile photographic workshop every summer in Main, USA and has been published and exhibited all over the world.

The seminar is being held at the QEII Conference Centre in London and by all accounts should be a very interesting few hours.

Judging by the success of last yearâ??s seminars if youâ??d like to go youâ??ll need to register for your ticket pretty sharpish.

You can find out more at the EOS Discovery website.

Spotlight On: Lara Jade

Lara Jade

Iâ??ve spent nearly an hour sat here, writing, deleting, writing again in an effort to come up with an interesting introduction to Lara Jade. The harder I try to write something complimentary about her work the harder it seems to get. You see itâ??s not that itâ??s bad, quite the contrary. Itâ??s because her photography is so good that I simply canâ??t find words to do it justice.

As the old saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words so I think Iâ??ll just shut up and let her pictures do the talking.

Laraâ??s work is a testament to the fact that you donâ??t need top notch kit to create top notch photography. Check out her “About Me” page for details.

UPDATE: You can see more of Lara’s work on flickr

Book Review: Understanding Digital Cameras by Jon Tarrent

Understanding Digital Cameras

I think that the more you know about how your kit works the better able you are to use it to its full potential. For this very reason I like to really immerse myself in the technology side of my photographic kit. This month Iâ??ve been reading Understanding Digital Cameras by Jon Tarrant.

The book is aimed at all levels of photographer and as such covers everything from basic camera settings right through to an in-depth analysis of analogue technology versus digital. Itâ??s been put together to show you how to get â??the best image from capture to outputâ?.

If youâ??re a veteran there are certainly a few chapters youâ??ll be itching to skip, however if youâ??re new to digital photography youâ??ll find that even the really advanced content is written in a clear, straightforward way that makes it very easy to understand. As well as all the technology stuff, the book offers invaluable tips to help you with photographing all the usual subject matters (and a few unusual ones too) and gives you clear tuition in a wide range of photographic techniques.

The bookâ??s content is backed up with clear, easy to understand diagrams and what must be hundreds of photographs. Most usefully the author has included photographs that show what happens when you get things wrong, when you get things right and when you really nail the shot.

The only negative thing I can say about the book is that sometimes it goes into a little too much detail and can feel a bit too much like a text book. That being said, it is generally very well written and the information in the book is worth far more than the £18.99 price tag.

If youâ??re a complete beginner you will find this book invaluable. If youâ??re a seasoned professional Iâ??m certain that youâ??ll find the technology side of the book fascinating. Either way, if this is the only photography book on your Christmas list this year, I donâ??t think youâ??ll be disappointed.

For further details, including the book’s contents list and a selection of pages that you can browse online see Understanding Digital Cameras on Amazon.