Our “Decisive Moment”

image of some stones gathering some moss

This is one of those “just do it” moments. We (that’s me and my buddy, Charlie) have been talking about doing this for many months but one day last week we decided to get on with it and so here we are.

What we wanted was a place to talk about photography like we do when we get together. We have those conversations where you get all fired up because it really matters to you. I don’t think you really get that from traditional magazines and we really hope that we might find a few other photographers out there who know what we mean and feel the same way.

If you are still seeing this post on the first page then I guess you have probably stumbled upon us by accident or we have pushed this in front of you (or maybe Charlie knows more about SEO than I give him credit for!).

If you are passionate about photography, stick with us, because so are we.