“Twizle” or “Twaddle”? Photo Manipulation Genius?! You Decide…


I can’t make up my mind whether Twizle is genius or… well, I can’t even think what the alternative might be! They seem to have made a business out of applying some completely inappropriate Photoshop filters to any photo you supply them, and selling you back your newly “Twizled masterpiece” on canvas for a shameful high price.

It’s mental! I really can’t believe anyone (and I do mean anyone) would be gullible or stupid enough to use this service and pay this price. However, according to their website, “000’s of customers can’t be wrong!” (sic).

It’s so crap it is actually quite brilliant! My personal favourite has to be the “Very Viennese Swirl” Twizle:

Very Viennese Swirl Twizle Example

Or that might just possibly be equalled by having your wedding photos “improved” with the “The Incredible Twist(er!)” treatment:

The Incredible Twist(er!) Twizle Example

Pure class!

They are my new heroes, without a doubt. I’d love to meet their “thousands of customers” (notice they don’t say “thousands of satisfied customers”) as I have some valuable shares in a steam-powered space exploration project I would like to sell…

Go on, take a look at the Twizle website – it will make you smile, I guarantee it!

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  1. Thanks for the positive feedback… ;0)

    Director – Twizle

    ps – for all who read this review – I have a FREE PREVIEW service for you and great new prices – simply send an e-mail to info@twizle.co.uk and I will send you a PDF flyer… ;0)

  2. Was the review a bit harsh? Maybe.

    People reading this should remember that what we say is our opinion and may not be the same as yours. My opinion regarding Twizle has not changed, but David, if you want the chance to have your say, let me know.

  3. I want to know more about the steam-powered space exploration project!

    Seriously though, I also don’t get Twizle. It just doesn’t make any sense to me at all. But, I guess, if there’s a market for it then fair play. I wish I had thought of it.


    Hi David…yes â?? I received them on Saturday â?? and they are absolutely terrific. My mum loved the last one I ordered for her birthday â?? and I have a couple more that I will ask you to do in the next 2 or 3 weeks. I even think my brother and friends are likely to be ordering some in the lead up to Christmas â?? so youâ??ve done a grand job… thanks again!

    Paul Fuggle – http://www.dunnhumby.com

    The pictures have come, they look fantastic, I canâ??t wait to see what Paul thinks of them! Thank you very much for turning them round so quickly!

    Marina Stedman – Touchpaper

    This email is to thank you for the fantastic “twizle” picture from the photo of my sister and her husband. The black and white image is truly super and anyone wanting a “different” present should definitely try the “twizle” approach – I am sure they would be delighted! Your customer service is second to none and I would like to thank you for the superb service that we received in getting the picture in lightning time! I will definitely use your company again in the future. Many thanks!

    Jill Cansfield – Web

    We gave our friend the twizle art yesterday and he loved it! The dogs are now larger than life above his lounge fireplace and the colours and design look terrific! Two friends have asked for your details so hopefully you’ll get some further orders. Thank you again!

    Diana Black â?? Web

    Hi, Hope all is well, and you have recovered from the xmas rush. We are all delighted with the pictures, both the ‘lifelike’ and more creative versions were fabulous, they absolutely upgrade the rooms they brighten and have drawn alot of admiring comments – i love the ‘big-impact’ box-canvas idea. As important was the fact that doing business with you was a joy – from drafting and discussing options, tweeking-your-twizles and getting the speedy delivery; all was great. We will certainly be a source of repeat business when my camera work is as inspired!

    Matthew Baker – Morgan Stanley

    I have just received my picture … it is stunning& You can be assured I will recommend ‘Twizle’ to my friends and family! Best Wishes from a very very happy customer.

    June Cook – 3M

    Hi the Twizle Masterpiece was fantastic and surpassed expectations! My husband loved it. Many thanks!

    Pauline Cahill – Credit Suisse

    Happy New Year!I just wanted to let you know that Steve loved the picture. It took him a couple of seconds to realise it was our pool in Tenerife then he just kept staring at it, a lovely reaction. Thanks again so much for all your help!

    Gerri Malcolm – Oracle

    Just a short note to let you know how delighted we all are and especially my wife with the pictures. She was literally speechless and kept going back to look at them throughout the day. I had a hell of a job keeping them hidden until Christmas and in fact that was the first time we unwrapped them hence the delay responding. Thank you for all the hard work getting it right!

    Graham Hill – Lehman Brothers

    The picture arrived safely and looked fantastic, exactly what I wanted and delivered with great service and in no time at all. It will the best Christmas present my sister in law will receive’ Many thanks for your help and suggestions throughout my planning of my canvas picture. In fact it was so good we are planning to get another one printed of a different picture. Thanks once again to the whole Twizle team! I would defiantly recommend you’

    Victoria McCallum – PWC

    Hi thank you so much for my Twizle Masterpiece – its great merry xmas all the twizle team

    Hayley Adams – Bupa

    Just wanted to say thanks for the fab piece! It looks fantastic and can’t wait to see my husbands face on Xmas day. He’ll love it. Will pass your details around to family and friends too!

    Helen Patton – Nokia

    David.. Meant to e-mail you a few weeks ago – received the twizle and it’s absolutely fantastic – definitely going to go for the three panel one in the new year! Thanks once again!

    John Lally – Lehman Brothers

    Thank you for the prompt supply of my Daughter & Husbands Water Colour style picture. I think it is amazing, so much so that I couldnt wait to give to them. SO I did last night. Well, they adore it & now are thinking of a matching picture to make a pair. Have a fabulous Christmas & Prosperous New Year.

    Chris Ibbett – Sony

    The picture arrived safely Weds morning, it looked fab, wanted to keep it for myself. Anyway, here is the exact response I got when my friend saw it: “Wow! Thats wicked! Love it.. Funnily enough, my friend (Jimi) had the same idea as me to maybe get 3 panels side by side, although he likes the idea of different gym/exercise moves, which would look fantastic

    Daphne Park – NTL

    They look BRILLIANT – thank you. Well worth every penny.

    Ihab El Ghazzawi – Sun Microsystems

    Hi David, I’ve received the picture today and am absolutely bowled over….it’s fabulous!!!! I can’t believe how great it looks. My husband will be thrilled, as it’s a photo he took 10 years ago which we always intended to get enlarged! I understand that you’re coming to our Ladies Night at St Nicks School – I know you’ll get lots of orders. I’ll be making another one shortly!!

    Ruth James – The Observer

    “Hello, received my Twizle Masterpice and it is Twizletastic…. suffice to say I will be ordering a lot more pieces in the future!”

    Mathew Drewell – Esporta

    “Hi, I just wanted to drop you a line about the Twizle I had done for my husbands Birthday. I must say I absolutely loved this picture and did recommend it to all my friends as it is totally unique and the service was fantastic as with the customer service including choice and help with deciding which one worked best. And I must say seeing them again today I will be looking for another picture to Twizle!!

    Julie Homewood – Ordnance Survey

  5. Wow, David, what can I say?! An impressive set of testimonials. Credit where it’s due, and all that.

    Okay, so your clients are impressed. Based entirely on your website, I and the talented bunch of Photoshop-wielding professionals I work with think what you do is a bit of a joke.

    Note: “based entirely on your website”. It’s an opinion formed from limited input.

    How about getting some of these images which have received such high praise into the online gallery so we can properly see what you do?

  6. Did someone just pick up the photoshop for dummies book. Kudos, I might try it with “how to be a chef” and see how I go.

  7. I especially like the boil in the bag, radio active baby shown on the home page. Nothing like some professional colour correction to make your child look like it’s about to die!

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