The Problem with New Kit Me.


My kettle broke the other day – a major catastrophe when you drink as much tea as I do. So into town I went to find a Kettle hardy enough to supply me with my daily two gallons. I ended up buying one of those kettles with the filter in it. The water that comes out is almost as clear as if it were fresh from a mountain stream. It boils so fast I barely have time to select a tea bag before it starts to cool down. All in all itâ??s a magnificent piece of equipment. There is one downside though. With a traditional kettle you want to fill it just before you boil it. With this you need to fill it after youâ??ve used it to make sure that enough water has filtered before you next want a cuppa. Otherwise thereâ??s a bit of a wait as the water trickles through the filter. Such a small difference and worth adapting to for the spring-like H2O. The trouble is I canâ??t adapt. I never remember to fill it once Iâ??ve used it. Iâ??m stuck in the habit of using the old kettle. The same is true of my new camera.

I needed to buy a 35mm film SLR for a course Iâ??m taking at the local college. I mostly use my canon EOS 350D so I thought Iâ??d buy the closest thing I could to that â?? the canon EOS 300x. It is indeed very similar to use but it does of course have itâ??s differences. Itâ??s driving me nuts! Iâ??ve read the manual. Iâ??ve sat on the couch without film in it practising whilst watching telly. Iâ??ve even tried writing it down to get it to sink in and I just canâ??t get it. When it comes to crunch time and I have to actually use it to take a photo I go right into auto-pilot and try to change the settings as if it were my digital. Now I know this is nothing to do with the camera and everything to do with me being a useless git, but how do you overcome something like this? Am I destined to be unable to operate my camera without having to really think about it? Am I finally going to get the hang of the film camera and then struggle with my digital? Will I forever be in a limbo state unable to use either camera properly? What can I do?

Please send answers on a postcard to 43 Chilton Avenâ?¦actually, you could just use the comment form below. Let us know if youâ??ve had similar troubles and what you did to resolve them.

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