fotoLIBRA Picture Library – Anyone Using It?

If any of our readers uses, either for sales or as a source for purchasing images (I would expect our readers to be more likely to be selling) I would really like to hear your experiences.

We are not particularly looking for good or bad experiences; I’m exploring stock photography in general and I have always liked the fotoLIBRA format, even if only because it is different to the “usual” library way of working.

If you feel like sharing, you can add comments to this post, or you can use the contact form if you would prefer to keep it anonymous.


Sailing From Rome to Venice With Photography’s Captain Jack

rome-venice-01So, I made this new friend, Jack. Only I haven’t known him long enough to have learned enough to really tell you much about him. He’s obsessed with photography, he’s into harnessing the Internet to drive business and he’s into photography for stock.

Oh, and he has arranged this amazing trip from Rome to Venice aboard a magnificent clipper, where the only things to do are take photographs or talk photography and he has kindly invited me along. When I say “invited me” I mean he has a number of places to fill and I could go if I could only get the PIN number to our savings account away from my wife.

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