What Makes a Photographer “Professional”?

Credit/Copyright: www.sxc.hu/profile/abcdz2000

In the graphic design studio where I am found during normal working hours, the studio manager recently had a requirement for a photographer to take some specific shots for a project. A photographer was recommended and my colleague studied her website and all seemed well – she had her own local studio, decent gear and the evidence that she could take a great shot.

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Sorry You Missed The Sixties… Philip Townsend Photography Exhibition and Book Launch

Philip Townsend Samples

I managed to sneak away from the beach during Easter’s family visit to Swanage and popped round to the Photographers Lounge. After fifteen minutes or so of chatting with Kate, apart from leaving with the usual inspiration to grab the camera and go be creative, I also learned some exciting news…

The Philip Townsend Archive, a collection of photographs taken by celebrated 60s photographer Philip Townsend, documenting Sixties London in full swing and capturing some of the most iconic faces of the era, will make a rare public appearance at the Photographers Lounge in Dorset throughout June and July 2009. His unique collection of shots includes rock stars, society darlings, models and the political movers and shakers of the day. The rescued works, hidden for forty years, are now being sought by magazines and newspapers throughout the world, by galleries like the National Portrait Gallery, and by collectors. The reason is simple: Philip Townsend’s pictures are the Sixties.

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Press Release: TFC Glamour/Figure Course for 2009

The annual TFC Glamour/Figure course for 2009 is now starting to fill.

This popular course run by Chris Burfoot of TFC Courses for 2009 will be held on June 13/14th in deepest darkest Dorset at Studio Décor’s HQ near Beaminster.

As well as a fully equipped new studio the venue offers 60 acres of grounds! Sets will include (weather permitting) Meadow grass, woods, tree stumps with amazing views, an orchard, log cabin, a beach scene, old barn plus a brand new studio!

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Filming Sanctuary with the RED One

We recently published a post about the RED Digital Cinema Epic and Scarlet camera systems. Still fascinated by these fantastic looking cameras, we’ve been keeping an eye out for more information. Now, this is a bit of a departure from our normal photography discussion, but the good folks over at DVICE have put up a video of the RED One (movie camera system) being used to film Sci Fi’s hit show, Sanctuary.

You can take a look at it here.

I don’t know a lot about filming movies and tv, but this looks like it might be a bit special.

“Twizle” or “Twaddle”? Photo Manipulation Genius?! You Decide…


I can’t make up my mind whether Twizle is genius or… well, I can’t even think what the alternative might be! They seem to have made a business out of applying some completely inappropriate Photoshop filters to any photo you supply them, and selling you back your newly “Twizled masterpiece” on canvas for a shameful high price.

It’s mental! I really can’t believe anyone (and I do mean anyone) would be gullible or stupid enough to use this service and pay this price. However, according to their website, “000’s of customers can’t be wrong!” (sic).

It’s so crap it is actually quite brilliant! My personal favourite has to be the “Very Viennese Swirl” Twizle:

Very Viennese Swirl Twizle Example

Or that might just possibly be equalled by having your wedding photos “improved” with the “The Incredible Twist(er!)” treatment:

The Incredible Twist(er!) Twizle Example

Pure class!

They are my new heroes, without a doubt. I’d love to meet their “thousands of customers” (notice they don’t say “thousands of satisfied customers”) as I have some valuable shares in a steam-powered space exploration project I would like to sell…

Go on, take a look at the Twizle website – it will make you smile, I guarantee it!

Are You a “Cheap Wedding Photographer”?

Are you a cheap wedding photographer?

Back to the subject of Wedding Photography, again (I suspect we’ll be covering this one a lot!).

I was talking to my friend Mark, who I have mentioned before is right now going through the transition from keen amateur to professional. Mark was telling me about the half a dozen or so weddings he has covered for free, or dirt cheap, in order to have the opportunity to get a few weddings under his belt and into his portfolio. Oh, and for the experience of course, which never comes cheap in this game!

The trouble is, he is now in danger of being labelled as a “cheap wedding photographer” for the foreseeable future. Although having covered friends’ and relatives’ weddings at a special rate has lead to a number of referrals, the referred clients have an expectation of an inexpensive photographer covering the event from dusk till dawn.

It strikes me that when trying to make the jump to pro status, the photographer needs to have a plan, almost a prepared statement to read to the lucky couple getting the special deal. My suggestion (much too late for Mark, obviously!) would be to quote friends and relatives the full price you intend to charge once you have made the jump. Then, give them a whopping discount, clearly showing that this is a one-off because you are my cousin/nephew/sister/best buddy or whatever. This way, the photographer has shown his normal price and the friend/relative can clearly see the saving they get from being in the right place in the gene pool at the right time.

Will it actually work? I don’t know. I need someone to try it out and let me know! Any takers?