Canon UK, You Are Grinding My Gears!

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration (pretty much an outright lie, really). I don’t have any great issue with Canon in general, it’s just with the PR people.

On the Canon UK website, they have a section of “PR Contacts” complete with names and email addresses. However, I’ve emailed them all and not had a single response. I suppose it could be a problem with junk mail in either direction, but I don’t seem to have junk issues with other people.

It puzzles me why a company such as Canon would want to tell you who to contact and then not reply. Maybe The Decisive Moment is not “press” enough for them?

So, if anyone at Canon UK (or anyone who knows someone at Canon) reads this post then please get in touch. We only want to be friends!

Is There a “Professional” Compact Camera?

powershotg10Today in the office we were (fairly pointlessly, I admit) comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the DSLR and the compact camera. Eventually, an obvious question was asked; what compact camera would a professional photographer carry?

I think this is a tricky question, because a pro photographer should be able to use any compact and do a pretty good job with it. So I guess the question really is, if you are used to the quality of an SLR, is there a compact that can really cut it as a substitute when you don’t want to carry all the kit?

For me as a Canon owner, I’d immediately go for the Canon G10, mainly for the fact it takes RAW images I can edit in the same software as my SLR shots. I presume Nikon and most other manufacturers have a similar model in their range, but I have to confess to not knowing what they are! I was quite excited by the new Olympus Pen but now I’m reading articles about it being a bit disappointing for not delivering the promise. I have not got my hands on one yet so I don’t speak from experience!

In the “old days” the Leica was king, but again I don’t know if they make a digital compact.

So what I’m asking for is readers’ opinions on top-notch compacts. Not “quite good at the price” compacts, but “fantastic and I wish I had the cash” compacts. Perhaps we can compile a list…