Spotlight on: Michael Tarasov

One of the best ever Internet inventions, for me at least, has to be StumbleUpon. Recently whilst using StumbleUpon, I have become aware of an increasing number of Russian photographers and photographic sites. Unfortunately, much of the content of the sites is fairly inaccessible to me (I don’t read Russian), but a lot of the images are monochrome which is of particular interest to me.

Today I found myself browsing the site of Michael Tarasov. I have never heard of him before and I don’t know whether he is professional or enthusiast, whether he is well known or virtually undiscovered. His website asserts copyright for 2006, so he would appear to have been around for a while, but whether he is still active, I couldn’t say. His site provides little information, other than it being the “official website of the Russian beauty photographer, Michael Tarasov”.

Anyway, have a look at some of Michael’s photographs and see what you think. Personally, I love it. If you know or find out anything about him please let me know.

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