Spotlight On: Lara Jade

Lara Jade

Iâ??ve spent nearly an hour sat here, writing, deleting, writing again in an effort to come up with an interesting introduction to Lara Jade. The harder I try to write something complimentary about her work the harder it seems to get. You see itâ??s not that itâ??s bad, quite the contrary. Itâ??s because her photography is so good that I simply canâ??t find words to do it justice.

As the old saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words so I think Iâ??ll just shut up and let her pictures do the talking.

Laraâ??s work is a testament to the fact that you donâ??t need top notch kit to create top notch photography. Check out her “About Me” page for details.

UPDATE: You can see more of Lara’s work on flickr

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