Spotlight On: Bob Keefer, Contemporary Photographer


Every now and then we get an email from a photographer suggesting our readers might be interested in their work. I always like to believe that all photographers are interested in all other photographers work, but I suspect that “all” should be modified to “most” or even “some”.

Anyway, as someone who comes from the black & white darkroom era and who has played with hand-colouring (unsuccessfully, I might add!) I thought I would shine the spotlight on Bob Keefer. In his words:

Your readers might be interested in checking out my contemporary hand colored black-and-white photography at

We’re talking traditional darkroom prints and artist paints, no Photoshop allowed.

My work is the relaxing antithesis of digital photography and consists primarily of landscapes from the rainy Northwest [of America].

If I’m honest (and I do try to be) I’m not convinced that the website does the photos total justice. I suspect they need to be seen “in the flesh”, full size and with the texture of the paper fully visible. I guess this is where digital and traditional/contemporary photography don’t mix as well as we might wish.

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  1. You’re quite right about it being difficult for the web to accurately depict my photos. They are all about texture and depth and the indescribable heft of a real print.

    As a result, they sell much better in person than on the web

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