“Open Shutter” Photography Competition from the Photographers Lounge

Last week was half-term and on Friday I decided to take my boys to one of our favourite places – Swanage, on the Dorset coast. When we were last down there I found myself drawn to a place I had not seen before (it turned out this was because it wasnâ??t there before, not because I just hadnâ??t noticed) called the â??Photographers Loungeâ?. Although not the biggest of galleries I have visited, it was probably the most welcoming!

The exhibition at the time was of images by Richard Heeps, whose work I had seen published before. There is nothing quite like seeing the real thing to make you appreciate the quality and skill and, in my case at least, to inspire you to get out there and do some work yourself. Anyway, I purchased a couple of Richardâ??s books and asked Kate (the gallery owner) if she could hang on to them and get them signed for me. Richard had been due to be in the gallery the week I was in Swanage, but had had to postpone or I would have tried to blag an interview!

Back to last Friday and Iâ??m collecting my books and having another enthusiastic conversation with Kate which lead to her telling me about a competition they are going to run.

The press release has just come through:

Make an Exhibition of Yourself!

Open Shutter Photography Competition

Open Shutter, a photography competition for photographers of any experience or ability, has been launched by the Photographers Lounge gallery. Every six months, an experienced panel will select three winning photographers to have their work exhibited and for sale in a month-long exhibition at the Photographers Lounge. Each exhibition will be launched with an Open Shutter Showcase evening and successful photographers will also receive continuing exposure on the galleryâ??s website.

Open Shutter will provide a unique opportunity for photographers to have their work presented in a dedicated gallery and for sale online, as well as being appraised by independent, well-respected panellists. Each biannual competition has a deadline in order to view the entries and choose the winners for each exhibition, but as soon as one competition closes, the next one opens, allowing photographers a continuing opportunity to submit their work.

The Photographers Lounge, based in Swanage on the Dorset coast, was set up just over a year ago by photographer, Kate Cross, and is already established as one of the countryâ??s foremost galleries dedicated exclusively to photography.

â??The Photographers Lounge and now Open Shutter came about as a direct response to the shortage of dedicated photography exhibition space in the UK.â? explained Kate. â??Whilst the USA and the rest of Europe have embraced photography as an art form, here in the UK, it seems that photography still takes a back seat in terms of exposure.â?

â??Open Shutter now provides emerging photographers the link with the gallery and the opportunity to see their work exhibited, which Iâ??m really excited about.â?

In its relatively short lifespan,The Photographers Lounge has rapidly become synonymous with the promotion of photography, and its growing reputation has meant that it is now a must-visit gallery for art-lovers and photographers alike. In its first year it has helped promote several emerging and established photographers. Richard Heeps, the internationally-acclaimed photographer, is a permanent member of the Photographers Lounge portfolio, as well as an Open Shutter panellist.

â??I have been impressed with the Photographers Lounge dynamism and enthusiasm from the word go,â? commented Richard. â??As a photographer looking to get as much exposure as possible, they have continually supported and promoted my work, and Iâ??m happy that they are now a permanent outlet for my work. I think the Open Shutter is a great concept, because I know how much they will be behind the chosen photographers, and Iâ??m delighted to be one of the panellists.â?

The Open Shutter competition only accepts submissions online at www.openshutter.co.uk.

For further information view the website at www.openshutter.co.uk or email info@openshutter.co.uk.

Additional Information

Open Shutter is a photography competition for all photographers run by the Photographers Lounge gallery in Swanage, Purbeck, Dorset. The competition is a rolling competition with two six-monthly deadlines a year. Three photographers will be selected by a well-respected panel to have a month-long exhibition in the Photographers Lounge, as well as to have their work permanently on sale on the Photographers Lounge website. Each exhibition will be launched with a showcase evening, and all works will be for sale.

The Photographers Lounge was established in January 2008 and is one of the few galleries in the UK devoted exclusively to photography. It has exhibited work by both emerging photographers and established photographers. The gallery also offers hi-resolution scanning, fine art printing (up to A2 on a range of media), promotional printing, website design and mounting & framing services.

Contact Kate Cross by phone on 01929 424414 or email kate@photographerslounge.co.uk.

The Photographers Lounge is based at 38 High Street, Swanage, Dorset BH19 2NX

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