News: Digital Camera Magazine Gets Hacked

I have been a subscriber to Digital Camera Magazine for some while and have been a regular, if not frequent, user of their online forum. This morning I received this email:

An administrator of Digital Camera Magazine Community has sent the following email to all users in the Everyone forum group.

Sent From: admin
Subject: Attention f*****s

Your retarded administrators don’t understand that repairing damage is meaningless unless you first fix the problem. This forum is now 4chan’s bitch, and we shall do with it as we please. Since your administrators are completely incompetent we have decided to ban them, as well as change their passwords; we’re sure you won’t mind. We went easy on you this first time, prepare for the worst.


Their server appears to be completely offline at the moment, but I don’t know whether this is the doing of the hacker or the DCM team. I’m very pleased to NOT be a member of their Web Department this morning!

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