Lifetime Achievement Award for CEO Phil Jones (Press Release)

“This man has methodically nurtured the SWPP into the organisation it is today”Jon Cohen, Fujifilm Business Group Manager

Phil Jones, CEO at The Societies (incl SWPP) has been honoured with a unique imaging industry “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

CEO Phil Jones (centre) with his sons
CEO Phil Jones (centre) with his sons

The award was made at the Societies’ annual Awards Dinner at the end of its week-long seminar and trade show convention in London & and had been kept secret from him for months. Juliet Jones, the Societies’ MD & and wife to Phil & explained: “We had been planning this for months, after a number of dignitaries in the imaging industry felt that Phil’s contribution should be honoured in some way. Our challenge was in keeping it a secret from him. This was far from easy as we all work so closely together at our Rhyl HQ.”

Over four hundred guests at the Novotel hotel, Hammersmith stood and clapped as TV presenter Philippa Forrester announced the award. A visibly shocked and moved Phil Jones told the audience: “I am blown away by this honour & which I am dedicating to my father. I had no clue at all that this had been planned. I just want to thank everyone for their support for what we have tried to achieve over the past decade. We are fortunate to work in a wonderful industry and we will continually strive to see it bloom and blossom in the future.”

Photographers and industry spokespeople combined to praise Jones’s input to the industry. Jon Cohen, Fujifilm’s Business Group Manager said: “We love the way that this man has methodically nurtured the SWPP from its early days to the powerful organisation it is today.”

Aled Oldfield, a photographer and close friend for thirty years added: “Phil Jones is a strong man with a kind and generous heart. He is always extremely focussed and single-minded & and he is definitely not a guy to be underestimated.”

George Dawber, another photographer and friend, commented: “I have known Phil since the early 1990s when he was the chairman of the northwest region of the MPA & and he has never changed from the affable, considerate and deep-thinking person he was then. My only real beef with him is that he supports Liverpool FC.”

Juliet Jones, who masterminded the award “plot”, had the last word: “Phil really deserves this recognition. There is no hint of nepotism in this decision at all.  Since I first met him Phil has been totally obsessed with finding new ways to help improve the working lives of photographers & and he is generous to a fault.”

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