Lastolite HiLite Bottletop Covers

One of the stands I purposefully made my way to at Focus on Imaging in Birmingham last week, was the Lastolite stand. I have several of their products and their original collapsible reflectors have to be one of the best accessories ever invented.

I was particularly interested to see the HiLite Background system, which bears a passing resemblance to a huge softbox, but used as a background (the clue is in the name) instead of as a primary light source. There were several reasons why I wanted to see it:

  • I’m in the market for a new background “system” and high-key is a real challenge for me as I only have two lights
  • My TDM buddy, Charlie, said I should take a look and he’s often been right about the kind of gear that works for me
  • I didn’t see how it could possibly be any good (sorry Lastolite – pre-judging like this is unfair) and this was my opportunity to check it out

Well, I liked what I saw. Clearly, it does work (although I have not yet got my hands on one to test it fully). However, one possible stumbling block preventing me from investing is that I don’t always want a white background; I regularly shoot low-key against a dark grey background.

Anyway, today I learned that Lastolite has brought out a set of new “Bottletop” covers to provide a little more versatility. These include black and grey versions (I’m assuming you switch the back light off, at least for the black version!) and Chromakey versions in both blue and green. Simply slip the elasticated bottletop cover over the HiLite background to produce an instant change of colour. They also come complete with a train (although I’m struggling to find out exactly how long the train actually is). Now I’m excited!

Lastolite HiLite Bottletop Covers

Here’s the new range:
HiLite Bottletop Cover with Train 5â?? x 7â??
Black â?? LAS 8702 SRP £54.99 Inc vat
Grey – LAS 8770 SRP £54.99 Inc vat
Chromakey Blue â?? LAS 8788 SRP £54.99 Inc vat
Chromakey Green â?? LAS 8781 SRP £54.99 Inc vat

HiLite Bottletop Cover with Train 6â?? x 7â??
Black â?? LAS 8802 SRP £64.99 Inc vat
Grey – LAS 8870 SRP £64.99 Inc vat
Chromakey Blue â?? LAS 8888 SRP £64.99 Inc vat
Chromakey Green â?? LAS 8881 SRP £64.99 Inc vat

You can find out more about Lastolite products by visiting or by phoning 01782 753304.

I need to get hold of one of these for a proper test – I’m not sure whether I will still need to get a third light to illuminate the HiLite, or whether using one of my lights for the HiLite and one for the primary light source would be enough. Still, I was anticipating an additional two lights for the background so this could still be a good solution.

10 Replies to “Lastolite HiLite Bottletop Covers”

  1. This looks interesting…could you please send me the link for the company where can I place the order for the
    HiLite Bottletop Cover with Train 6â?? x 7â??
    and the lastolite hilite….and one more thing can the lastolite hilite be used with ordinary hot lights insted of flash light…if not hot lights than maybe some cool lights such as fluoroscent 5600k lights…best regards

  2. great man…thanks man…will keep my focus on the focus….hope they’ll answer soon….where would you buy these two lastolite products…could you recommend me a on line store that’s resourcefuk and reliable enough….I am from eu so it’s not a problem if it’s from UK

  3. Gaz hi…yep this is was the first thing that I’ve done…but couldn’t find anywhere HiLite Bottletop Cover with Train 6â?? x 7â?? that u’re mentioning…

  4. I have just done a bit of searching and I can’t find anywhere that sells the covers either! I don’t know whether this is the distributor telling us about the new product before it is available, or the retailers being slow to update their stock and/or online stores.

    As soon as I hear back from the distributors I will let you know.

  5. Okay, apparently the best thing for you to do is call +44 (0)1782 753304 and they will help you find where to buy.

    Hope this helps.

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