Inspiration – Can It Be Self-Induced?

Uninspired: Copyright Georgios M. W. Denmark

I sat down at my PC last night to write the next article for The Decisive Moment. Nothing happened. I stared at the monitor for a while, looked through my notes, made coffee, picked up a book, browsed my image folders; nothing.

So today I am having to play catch-up and not only do I not feel inspired, but now I feel pressure to feel inspired. I find myself wondering what is inspiration and where does it come from? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, inspiration is “a supposed creative force or influence on poets, artists, musicians, etc., stimulating the production of works of art”. Okay, well it’s definitely inspiration I lack today (although calling these articles “works of art” might be pushing it a bit!).

The same thing happens with my photography, too. I know what it feels like to find yourself inspired and it is wonderful when inspiration occurs while you have the time and opportunity to take advantage. Sometimes you just look at something, pick your camera up and you are off. What I want to know is how to induce inspiration when I’m not feeling it. Is there a technique I can learn?

I’d really like to know what other people do. Where do they look for inspiration? Does it just come to them?

Perhaps we can get some feedback and suggestions and come back to this topic another day? Inspiration permitting, obviously.

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