fotoLIBRA Picture Library – Anyone Using It?

If any of our readers uses, either for sales or as a source for purchasing images (I would expect our readers to be more likely to be selling) I would really like to hear your experiences.

We are not particularly looking for good or bad experiences; I’m exploring stock photography in general and I have always liked the fotoLIBRA format, even if only because it is different to the “usual” library way of working.

If you feel like sharing, you can add comments to this post, or you can use the contact form if you would prefer to keep it anonymous.


2 Replies to “fotoLIBRA Picture Library – Anyone Using It?”

  1. Hi Gary – I haven’t got many photos up there with them, as I have stuff with Alamy, Getty and Photoshot but considering the amount I have up with them is low, I did make a sale this year for the first time. They contacted me personally to let me know I had made a sale and that it had cleared. They then asked how I’d like to be paid and I opted for BACS. True to their word, my money arrived within 2 weeks. They are a very friendly bunch of people but I wouldn’t expect to make a lot of money through them. Mind you stock is a fickle old game anyway at the best of times!

  2. Thanks Nick. “True to their word” seems to be a recurring theme and I like that! I also find them to be quite friendly and very approachable. Gwyn from fotoLIBRA contacted me the other day and pointed out a post on their blog in April, which seems pertinent to this discussion: Great Expectations

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