Composition – Is It Child’s Play?

Is Composition Childâ??s Play?

I got talking to my mate Jason the other day, about our kids and how they handle a digital camera. We both commented how, in spite of being only five years old, they have both surprised us by taking interesting photos with a simple point-and-shoot camera, seemingly without any real effort.

It occurred to me that it isn’t actually in spite of being only five, but precisely because they are only five that they are doing this. Nobody has taught them how to compose a picture; they simply look at the little screen on the back of the camera and when they like what they see, they fire the shutter. Okay, so I realize the picture above is not about to set the art world on fire. My point is not that our five-year-olds are brilliant photographers, but that they have a brilliant attitude towards photography.

Of course, my son has plenty to learn about the technicalities such as exposure and focus, but he can learn that when he is ready. For the moment at least, he can let the technology take care of all that while he concentrates on looking for things to photograph.

Sometimes I think we tend to over-analyse what we do. Be a kid – if it looks good to you, take a chance and take a shot. Maybe you will capture something better than you were expecting. Maybe you will expand your horizons a little. Who knows?

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