“Twizle” or “Twaddle”? Photo Manipulation Genius?! You Decide…


I can’t make up my mind whether Twizle is genius or… well, I can’t even think what the alternative might be! They seem to have made a business out of applying some completely inappropriate Photoshop filters to any photo you supply them, and selling you back your newly “Twizled masterpiece” on canvas for a shameful high price.

It’s mental! I really can’t believe anyone (and I do mean anyone) would be gullible or stupid enough to use this service and pay this price. However, according to their website, “000’s of customers can’t be wrong!” (sic).

It’s so crap it is actually quite brilliant! My personal favourite has to be the “Very Viennese Swirl” Twizle:

Very Viennese Swirl Twizle Example

Or that might just possibly be equalled by having your wedding photos “improved” with the “The Incredible Twist(er!)” treatment:

The Incredible Twist(er!) Twizle Example

Pure class!

They are my new heroes, without a doubt. I’d love to meet their “thousands of customers” (notice they don’t say “thousands of satisfied customers”) as I have some valuable shares in a steam-powered space exploration project I would like to sell…

Go on, take a look at the Twizle website – it will make you smile, I guarantee it!

What The Duck?

What the Duck comic strip

If you don’t already know, there is an excellent comic strip just for us photographers. It’s called “What the Duck” by Aaron Johnson and I read it every day. Occasionally some of the humour requires a little bit more knowledge of the USA than I have, but generally it raises a smile at the start of each working day.

Go visit the WTD site and subscribe to the RSS feed and brighten your day a little.

What the Duck comic strip

What the Duck comic strip