Calendar Project: How it Came About

I took up photography as a hobby 31 years ago this month when my chemistry teacher started up a photography club and taught us how to process black and white film. At 25 I bought my first house and pretty swiftly began converting the spare bedroom into a darkroom.

After a couple of years of photographing “things” I was asked to shoot a portrait of my friend’s two-year-old and discovered that photographing people was what I liked best. Then a graphic design studio I worked with (I ran a small litho printing company) offered me the chance to shoot the photos for a promotional calendar. They were looking to show off their Photoshop skills (in the pioneering days!), so I took some fairly straightforward shots and they manipulated them to show a before and after effect.

Ever since then I have wanted to produce my own calendar and have made many, many excuses for failing to do so. I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions; if something in your life needs changing, it shouldn’t need an excuse! The truth is that I have always been good at saying that, but I can’t really say I have ever been good at demonstrating it.

Anyway, while hanging up this year’s calendar in the office on the first day back, I realized that I have started every year for as long as I can remember (which doesn’t seem to be all that long these days!) with the same feeble “I’m going to do more photography” announcement which inevitably comes to nothing. I don’t know whether it is a result of spending two weeks of last summer intensely studying NLP (for business, if you are interested) but I know that 2009 and is the year of doing things instead of just talking and dreaming.

There is a long way to go and I have know way of knowing what the outcome will be, but I can only see great things coming from this project, whatever the result. I’m so excited about the journey that the destination hardly seems to matter right now!

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