Calendar Project: Format Considerations

I was lucky today – my boss sent me to Fineprint, a local printer we use at work, to take some photos for a website we are working on for them. Apart from it being brilliant getting sent out to indulge in my hobby during working hours, it also gave me an opportunity to think about possible formats for the calendar.

Having worked in the print industry for many years myself, I was already expecting to rule out litho printing as I don’t expect to sell enough calendars to make this viable. Digital printing makes much more sense from the cost point of view, but I am not confident that the quality will be high enough. Mike at Fineprint showed me some examples which were better than I anticipated and suggested I send him an image so he can run off a proof for me, which seems like a good idea.

I have, up until today, been assuming the calendar would be that 300mm (approx) square format that you see so many of for sale from stalls around your local shopping centre over the Christmas period. This seems impractical for my project, so it looks more likely to be A3, either flat and Wire-O bound or possibly folded and stitched (unfolding to A3 when hung).

Although the costs for digital printing mean that I may have to compromise slightly on the specification of the calendar, it does make the project feasible, which is the most important thing right now. Digital printing also gives me options for personalizing the calendars, which opens some avenues for marketing and selling – I need to think about this before letting myself run away with the idea…

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