Aspect2i – New Company Launches ‘Fresh Approach’ to Photography

A new company, aspect2i, announces a “fresh approach” to photography workshops. Aspect2i offers a wide range of workshops providing tuition for all ability levels and across many aspects of photography, with an emphasis on developing skills and confidence. Partners Paul Gallagher, Trevor Waldron and Michael Pilkington describe their new venture as “helping you to take your photography to the next level”.

According to Paul Gallagher, founding member and aspect2i tour leader, “You don’t learn photography by simply being taken to beautiful places. You learn photography when supported by knowledgeable and helpful leaders who are dedicated to you, your time, and your specific needs whilst on the workshop. That’s where we stand apart. Our classroom and field-based workshops are virtually tailor-made for participants, with the emphasis on individual education and progress.”

Aspect2i is answering the growing demand for quality tuition and experience in producing strong and satisfying photographs with the increasingly capable equipment that enthusiasts and novices alike now have to hand. The company’s aim is not only to help photographers to use their equipment effectively, but very much to develop their ability to see and create excellent images.

Aspect2i believes in covering the entire photographic journey – from capture to finished print. Photographers at all levels can quickly develop skills and confidence whilst enjoying a rewarding workshop experience at excellent and carefully selected venues.

Trevor Waldron adds, “The photography workshops we now offer are the ideal mix of practice and learning. Participants will leave feeling much more confident about using their cameras and seeing creatively, and will be increasingly satisfied with their images.”

Aspect2i launches with a highly-experienced team of leaders and tutors who embrace digital, film, colour, and black and white imaging. Additional leaders will broaden the range of locations and skills that will be provided.

Michael Pilkington comments on the core values of aspect2i: “Personal experience tells me that dedicated tuition and guidance, by leaders who truly want to help you, makes all the difference. That is our byline, and we invite everyone to try aspect2i’s fresh approach.”

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