Alpine Innovations Moves to JP Distribution

JP Distribution have been chosen as the exclusive UK distributor for Alpine Innovations.

Alpine Innovations officially started in 2001 and since then has supplied a wide range of products to a long line of different markets including photography, fishing, golf, outdoor, eyewear and medical. JP Distribution will be adding two of Alpine’s patented products to the growing portfolio; Spudz and Camovers.

Spudz are available in a range of colour designs and sizes and prices start from as low as £2.99 Inc vat. What makes Spudz so convenient is the design. Unlike other lens cloths, the Spudz lens cloth stays attached to the inside of the storage pouch. The snap hook also provides an easy way to clip it to a keychain or camera bag and keep it available at all times.

Many photographers have already found Spudz to be an essential part of every photo shoot. Spudz will clean finger prints, moisture and dust particles from lenses gently because of the special Micro-Fibre cloth inside.

The latest addition to the Spudz range is a cleaning cloth that is also 18% grey so cleaning your lens and calibrating your camera have never been easier!

The Decisive Moment is a big fan – see our previous review of Spudz.

Camovers have been designed to work with the most popular compact digital cameras on the market today. The neoprene pouch offers complete protection from the elements and keeps it insulated from abrasive objects.

Just slip your camera’s wrist strap through the top hole in the pouch, pull your Camover down around your camera and start enjoying its convenient protection. They also include a 3″ x 4″ microfibre cloth attached inside the pouch and helps protect the LCD screen and cleaning your camera lens.

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