DVD Launch – Lara Jade vs Joey L

One of my favourite photographers, Lara Jade, is releasing a DVD in collaboration with her buddy Joey L. As yet, I don’t have much information to pass on but I am looking forward to reviewing the DVD when it is released on 1st December. Until then, here is what Lara herself has to say:

Me and photographer Joey L are finally excited to announce the release of our upcoming tutorial DVD “Photographer Shoot-Off: Lara Jade VS Joey L” that will be released on December 1st!

This unique comprehensive tutorial DVD features vision from my both sides of the photography industry – combining personal vs commissioned work as well as each of our individual shoot styles.

The basic concept: Joey L, rising from the advertising scene and Lara Jade – working within the fashion industry. Both photographer’s once living on other sides of the Atlantic and coming from entirely different backgrounds.

So what ties them together? The rivalry of course! Way back in 2007 on one of Joey’s first trips to England we met with the intention of collaborating on a shoot together. After shooting, we were surprised to notice that even with the same set-up and model on location we produced completely different final shots. If anything, one thing was very clear that day – photography style is entirely driven on the vision of the photographer, no two photographer’s are the same.

Both Lara and Joey have their own websites which are worth a visit:

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