“The Bernadottes in Black and White” at Nationalmuseum, Sweden

Hans Hammarskiöld, Victoria (b. 1977), Crown Princess of Sweden, 1986
“Victoria (b. 1977), Crown Princess of Sweden, 1986” Copyright: Hans Hammarskiöld

As part of Sweden’s Bernadotte Year, Nationalmuseum is presenting an exhibition of black-and-white portraits of the House of Bernadotte, from King Karl XIV Johan to the present royal family.

The emphasis is on 20th-century photographs, but some 19th-century works will also be on display. Together, they show how the art of portrait photography has evolved in Sweden over the past 150 years. Alongside the photographs, Nationalmuseum will present a selection of graphic art and drawings, mainly depicting early generations of the House of Bernadotte.

The featured photographers from the mid-19th century include Mathias Hansen and Bertha Valerius, who were practising at the time when portrait photography was becoming established as an art form and means of expression.

Lennart Nilsson, Gustav V, King of Sweden, 1950
“Gustav V, King of Sweden, 1950” Copyright: Lennart Nilsson

From the modern age, the featured photographers include Bruno Ehrs, Hans Gedda, Hans Hammarskiöld, Mikael Jansson, Denise Grünstein and Lennart Nilsson. The Bernadottes in Black and White offers an opportunity to reflect on the significance of photography and graphic art to the role of monarch, and on how art depicts the pillars of society. To illustrate how widely distributed royal portraits are, examples of reproductions on china and textiles will be exhibited.

The exhibition runs from 16 June 2010 to 23 January 2011.

“10 Ways to Improve Your Boudoir Photography Now” by Edward Verosky

"10 Ways to Improve Your Boudoir Photography Now" by Edward Verosky
Copyright: Edward Verosky

I have just finished reading Ed Verosky’s e-book, in which Ed offers sound advice based on his experiences for pro and semi-pro photographers wishing to start in, or expand upon boudoir photography.

It’s not a huge book (44 pages, approximately 50% text) but it is well written and not at all tiresome to read. The advice offered and tips given are largely common sense and many could, I’m sure, be found on the Internet with some judicious Googling. Some of the tips may even seem a little obvious to some photographers, perhaps.

However, I have to say I really enjoyed reading this book and I feel Ed has done a solid job of taking all the things you would learn for yourself over a few sessions and distilling them into a nicely filtered cup of knowledge. It’s clear (from my personal experiences) that Ed has done this, learned the lessons and sorted the most important bits into an expanded checklist to save the rest of us some time.

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HighKey Camera Straps – “A Wardrobe For Your Camera”

What The Duck Camera StrapTom Baker (for UK readers, no not our TV legend!) sent me a friendly little email,  asking me to take a look at a website recently launched by him and his friend, Andie Haugen, selling camera straps. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t all that excited at the time (no offence). Took a quick look, thought “yeah, that’s neat” and decided to come back when I had some spare time.

Then, I get an email from “What the Duck“, offering their new, personalized camera strap and I thought surely this must be related to the earlier email from Tom. I was right. None of this matters, particularly, other than it gives me the opportunity to say “I was right” and they don’t come along all that often.

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