Ricoh GXR with 50mm & 24-72mm Lens Units

Ricoh GXR with lens and viewfinder attachedI have taken delivery of this innovative and unique camera today in order to learn a bit about it so that I can write a review.

The GXR is a fascinating concept which reminds me a little of my medium format film days (in that the shutter was contained in the lens, rather than in the camera body).

It’s exciting that I’m struggling to pre-judge this camera as I can’t quite place it in a neat little box; it’s not a DSLR, but it’s not really a compact either.

In amongst the various files I have been sent there is all sorts of information about developments of the system and some news about the next lens units expected. These will be published on TDM soon, once I have decided the best way to work this review.

This camera is making me think; I like that!

If anyone has any experience of this system and would care to share, or if anyone has anything specific they would like to know, please get in touch.

Ricoh GR Digital III Compact: Review

Ricoh GR Digital III FrontLike most (I imagine) readers of TDM I am generally very interested in SLRs and bigger formats, but less interested in compacts. The top end compacts can be interesting from the point of view of what to carry around when you don’t want the whole shooting match. And, as a bit of a geek, I also quite like looking at some of the innovations that appear in mid-range compacts, such as when face recognition first came on the scene.

So when I was offered the Ricoh GR Digital III to review, I confess I wasn’t particularly bothered. I mean, Ricoh only makes cheap photocopiers, right? (Oops!)

Still, at the time the camera was being offered, we had been running this post about whether there is such a thing as a “professional” compact and it had gained a bit of interest, so I thought “well, why not?”. A few days pass and I’m unpacking the review model, along with a wide angle attachment (which confused me at first, but I’ll come back to that).
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