Review: Billingham 550 / 307 / 107 Bags

During a recent expedition into the deep, dark depths of the uncharted territory usually referred to as “the loft”, I discovered my old diaries and, with your indulgence, I should like to share a few extracts. Please, please forgive me…

Summer 1987

“Dear Diary,

Today I saw a vision. Her tan coloured skin looked so gorgeous and exotic that I assumed she must be from somewhere abroad, but my friend says she is as English as I am. I wanted her as soon as I saw her, but she is out of my class; out of my reach. I dream that I may one day get my hands on her…”

November 2004

“Dear Diary,

It’s been such a long time, but she came back into my life today. She still looks great and I find I want her as much as I always did. But alas, when I saw her she was draped seductively over the shoulder of a fit young man and he was proudly pulling her close to his side as he walked down the road, showing her off to the world. He caught me staring at her and he smiled that satisfied, smug smile of a man who knows exactly what he has. I was so embarrassed to get caught like that…”

June 2009

“Dear Diary,

OMG I can’t believe it! She crossed my path again today and I finally got up the courage to ask if I could spend a little time with her; the answer was ‘yes’! After all these years I have finally got to touch her and what a sensation! She is so soft and smooth and she still has that tan. It’s so hard to believe she is as old as she is – she has hardly changed at all since that first time I laid eyes on her!

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep her. I want her passionately, but she needs so much more than I can give her; I know I just don’t have what it takes to fulfil her.

But wait, what’s that?! She has a little sister? Several little sisters? And quite a few younger cousins?! Oh I’m such a bad, bad man…”

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John Henshall: UK’s Outspoken ‘Digital Heretic’ Awarded Master of Arts Honorary Degree


John_Henshall_MA_UCA_1John Henshall, the internationally acclaimed, and often outspoken, digital imaging guru, has been awarded a Master of Arts Honorary degree by the University for the Creative Arts, for his ‘profound influence,’ in the development of digital photography technologies over the past twenty years.

Oxfordshire-based Henshall, a former British Institute of Professional Photography President, who has Fellowships with five key photo-bodies, was the first photographer consultant in the UK to predict that the use of the ‘pixel’ would ultimately lead to the decline of the photo-chemical industry.

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