News: Digital Camera Magazine Gets Hacked

I have been a subscriber to Digital Camera Magazine for some while and have been a regular, if not frequent, user of their online forum. This morning I received this email:

An administrator of Digital Camera Magazine Community has sent the following email to all users in the Everyone forum group.

Sent From: admin
Subject: Attention f*****s

Your retarded administrators don’t understand that repairing damage is meaningless unless you first fix the problem. This forum is now 4chan’s bitch, and we shall do with it as we please. Since your administrators are completely incompetent we have decided to ban them, as well as change their passwords; we’re sure you won’t mind. We went easy on you this first time, prepare for the worst.


Their server appears to be completely offline at the moment, but I don’t know whether this is the doing of the hacker or the DCM team. I’m very pleased to NOT be a member of their Web Department this morning!

Press Release: Innovative ILFORD Rolls Revealed

Designed with cutting edge imaging technology, ILFORD GALERIE Smooth Pearl and Gloss rolls are available now.

Press Release in full, as supplied by distributor:

Marly, Switzerland, 20 January, 2008 â?? ILFORD is pleased to announce their new GALERIE Smooth Pearl and Gloss rolls are now available. Designed with cutting edge imaging technology and approved by professional photographers in acceptance tests worldwide, the new Smooth Pearl and Gloss rolls will give professional photographers a new and versatile media.

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Calendar Project: Inspirational and Influential Photographers

Without a doubt, the single most inspirational photographer for me has to be the late and truly great Bob Carlos Clarke. I’d like to say “the most influential” but that seems (to me, at least) to infer something about my photography which I could not justify. If there was anyone whose body of work I would like to be able to claim as my own, it would be him.

There are three other photographers who have produced calendars, which have the right kind of feel (again, for me at least) and which I have actually seen:

There are some common elements to the calendars I have seen for all three and, to some extent, also to some of Bob Carlos Clarke’s work:

  • They are all shot in, or produced in, monochrome
  • They are all glamorous, sexy, female form based
  • The photographic area of the calendar is around A4 size, making it very practical and achievable in terms of quality.

Hervé Lewis and Mick Payton (and BCC, obviously!) appeal to me because they are often quite challenging. Tanya Chalkin’s “Sirens” calendar is much less challenging but still very sexy, largely because of the three very real looking models featured throughout the calendar in various combinations. It’s a refreshing approach.

Although the actual subject of the calendar has not been decided definitely, at this point it seems likely to be of a glamorous nature. I think it is time to research studios and models.

Calendar Project: How it Came About

I took up photography as a hobby 31 years ago this month when my chemistry teacher started up a photography club and taught us how to process black and white film. At 25 I bought my first house and pretty swiftly began converting the spare bedroom into a darkroom.

After a couple of years of photographing “things” I was asked to shoot a portrait of my friend’s two-year-old and discovered that photographing people was what I liked best. Then a graphic design studio I worked with (I ran a small litho printing company) offered me the chance to shoot the photos for a promotional calendar. They were looking to show off their Photoshop skills (in the pioneering days!), so I took some fairly straightforward shots and they manipulated them to show a before and after effect.

Ever since then I have wanted to produce my own calendar and have made many, many excuses for failing to do so. I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions; if something in your life needs changing, it shouldn’t need an excuse! The truth is that I have always been good at saying that, but I can’t really say I have ever been good at demonstrating it.

Anyway, while hanging up this year’s calendar in the office on the first day back, I realized that I have started every year for as long as I can remember (which doesn’t seem to be all that long these days!) with the same feeble “I’m going to do more photography” announcement which inevitably comes to nothing. I don’t know whether it is a result of spending two weeks of last summer intensely studying NLP (for business, if you are interested) but I know that 2009 and is the year of doing things instead of just talking and dreaming.

There is a long way to go and I have know way of knowing what the outcome will be, but I can only see great things coming from this project, whatever the result. I’m so excited about the journey that the destination hardly seems to matter right now!

Filming Sanctuary with the RED One

We recently published a post about the RED Digital Cinema Epic and Scarlet camera systems. Still fascinated by these fantastic looking cameras, we’ve been keeping an eye out for more information. Now, this is a bit of a departure from our normal photography discussion, but the good folks over at DVICE have put up a video of the RED One (movie camera system) being used to film Sci Fi’s hit show, Sanctuary.

You can take a look at it here.

I don’t know a lot about filming movies and tv, but this looks like it might be a bit special.

Spotlight on: Michael Tarasov

One of the best ever Internet inventions, for me at least, has to be StumbleUpon. Recently whilst using StumbleUpon, I have become aware of an increasing number of Russian photographers and photographic sites. Unfortunately, much of the content of the sites is fairly inaccessible to me (I don’t read Russian), but a lot of the images are monochrome which is of particular interest to me.

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